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Classroom Programs

The Miami County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to helping the schools provide a "Safe and Secure learning environment", and will provide classroom instruction upon request. Schools in Miami County can request classroom instruction for grades K-12 on several topics. A few of the topics are:
  • Bullying
  • Internet Safety
  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Dangers
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Seatbelt Safety
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Stranger Danger
  • Halloween Safety
  • And many many more.
Other services provided to the school, include evening programs for parents and communities which include.
  • Internet Safety - The Miami County Sheriffs office has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Childen to provide this presentation to parents on what children are doing on the internet.  
  • Choking Game - This presentation is provided to parents about this deadly game.
  • Drug Identification - Presentation on what current drug trends are among children in Miami County.
For more information or to schedule a presentation please contact Captain Jamie McGlinch at (937) 440-3970 or email
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